Three Of Nature's Finest You Should See Before Summer Ends

Three Of Nature's Finest You Should See Before Summer Ends

The clock is winding down on summer 2021 and there is so much natural beauty in the world to see.  Whether you live in the city or the suburbs.  If you work on a farm in a rural area or as a cab driver in New York City, there is nature all around us that we can enjoy and experience before the summer clock ends.

Natural beauty is so centering and experiencing it unfiltered can make the difference between a stressful end to the summer or a feeling of peace and joy that may have alluded you until now.  

We've gathered a few of our favorite natural wonders that should be within driving distance of you no matter where you live in the United States.  If you can take a drive to even one of these destinations this summer, disconnect from the world around you, and find peace within nature you will be so much better for it as you approach the hectic end to 2021.

1. National Park.  We are lucky that we have agreed as a country that our parks are critical to keep in tact.  Whether you are in the middle of the country or on one of the coasts there are national parks throughout this glorious nation of ours that will help you reconnect with nature before time runs out on this summer.

2. Any body of water.  Water has a rejuvenating impact on the spirit and soul.  If you're near the ocean spend time listening to the waves lapping on the shoreline.  If you're lakeside or along a river the rushing water and sounds of nature will lull you into a peace that you may have not felt before.

3. An Audubon Society preserve.  This might take a little more searching, but once you find one near you you will be pleasantly surprised with the incredible beauty that can be found so close to home.  A nature preserve will leave you wanting to spend more time among the birds.

There is no question that all of us here at Earthen Skincare believe in the healing power of nature and how it can bring you peace and joy.  Being among nature before the clock ticks out on summer will set you up to have a centered and joyful experience as we approach the busiest times of the year.  

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