Three Things You Can Do Today To Prevent Parched Skin This Autumn

Three Things You Can Do Today To Prevent Parched Skin This Autumn

Parched skin starts to become a problem when the summer months give way to the beautiful fall foliage.  Why the colors on the trees will start to become bright and vibrant, your skin may start to become parched and dull.  

The good news is there is plenty of autumn left to get your skin to where it needs to be to withstand the potentially harsh winter months.  The bad news is...winter is coming!

To get your skin prepared for the autumn months and prevent parched skin do these three things today.

1. Exfoliate.  In the past, exfoliating meant getting in your car, driving to a pricey salon, and leave with a red, blotchy face.  That is no longer the case.  With our InstantPeel Exfoliant you can exfoliate from the comfort of your own home without any harsh chemicals and no blotchiness or red marks.

2. Add a high quality moisturizer to your skincare routine.  We recommend our Instant CelluMoist for dry and normal skin and our Instant Peptide for your skin if it is a little oily.  A high quality moisturizer will keep your skin feeling vibrant and prevent it from feeling parched during the cooler weather months.

3. Rinse and repeat.  It's not good enough to use these treatments once in a blue moon, you should be moisturizing daily and exfoliating as needed.  If you don't stick to a skincare routine you will be left wondering from day to day whether your skin will be parched from the brisk autumn air.

With three simple steps, things you can do today, you can set your skin up to be glowing just like when the bright sun hits the colorful leaves.  It's autumn, your skin should enjoy it just as much as your soul does.  

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