Tips and Tricks For Applying Eye Cream

Tips and Tricks For Applying Eye Cream

You've been on the lookout for the perfect eye cream to help with your dark circles and puffiness around your eyes for a while now.  The good news is that you've found it, but now how to use it.  

Applying eye cream is not so much a science as it is an art form.  It may seem quite simple but, it does take some knowledge of proper technique to get the perfect skin in just the right areas.

Tip #1: Apply once in the morning and once in the evening.  One application a day is not enough.

Tip #2: Use your ring finger for application.  The area around your eyes is sensitive and your ring finger gives you control and allows you to apply the eye cream without putting too much pressure on that area.

Tip #3: Avoid applying the eye cream to your eye lids.

Tip #4: Allow the eye cream to be fully absorbed into your skin before applying any makeup.  This should take around 10 minutes after application.

Tip #5: Don't overapply.  You should only use a pea sized dot of eye cream for the skin under both your eyes.

Applying eye cream the right way will leave your most sensitive skin looking and feeling youthful.  Following these simple tips will help you take your eye care to a whole new level.

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