Treat Your Skin To A Post Pool Party Cleanse

Treat Your Skin To A Post Pool Party Cleanse

It's the weekend and nothing says fun like an invitation to a pool party.  If you've been graced with such an invitation it's almost mandatory that you go during the summer months.  Especially this year with rising temps it is impossible to skip a cool dip in a pool.

As you pack your bag you'll want to make sure you have the essentials of course like sun screen, a good hat to keep the sun off your face, a towel, your sunglasses, and our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser.  

Wait...what was that last one?

That's right, you'll want to bring along a cleanser for your skin.  When you get out of the pool not only will you want to dry off, but you should also get the chlorine film off your skin as quickly as possible.  Many pools have outdoor showers that you can use to rinse and once you've done that you will want to use our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser to wash away any chlorine that didn't just rinse off.  

Leaving chlorine on your skin for long periods of time can start to dry your skin out and leave you parched looking skin.  Especially if your pool party is going to end with a night out on the town with your girlfriends, you will want to make sure that absolutely doesn't happen.  After a dip in the pool, before you start to sunbathe, find a sink (or an outdoor shower) and simply wash away the chlorine.  You will be happy you did later in the evening.

Even if you are not at a full blown pool party, but you are at your own backyard pool or a club that you belong to it can be critical to get the chlorine off your skin as soon as possible.  If you don't you could have long term effects that may take weeks to return to just your normal looking skin, if not the glowing skin you are accustomed to.

If you aren't able to cleanse immediately following being in the pool, we recommend doing it as soon as possible so you can insure that you are wiping away the chlorine at your earliest convenience.

Enjoy the pool and the after party.  You deserve it!

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