Valentine’s Date Night Skincare Routine

Valentine’s Date Night Skincare Routine

The night of love and affection is nearly upon us and what better way to get yourself ready then to show yourself a little love.  Whether you're having a sweet date night with your honey or just going out with some friends, you need a no fuss way to get yourself looking picture perfect for the evening.

Good news, you're in luck.  Instead of racing out to a local day spa for a facial that has the side effect of red, blotchy skin, you can use InstantPeel™ Exfoliant at home and leave the side effects behind.

Each magical packet of InstantPeel™ will leave your skin feeling youthful and fresh in the same amount of time it takes you to take a shower.  Better still, when you've completed this treatment your skin will be free of redness and irritation which means you can go through the rest of your skincare routine before your Valentine's plans without any embarrassing blotchiness.  

InstantPeel™ is simple to use.  Just hop in the shower like you normally would and then get your skin nice and moist and let the steam from the shower wash over you for about five minutes.  Then you'll want to apply a small amount of the InstantPeel™ to your forehead and massage it in to your skin.  Repeat these steps across your entire face.  Note that it is recommended that you exfoliate small sections of your face at a time.  Once you've completed a section of your face, rinse with warm water.

After you've experienced this luxurious at-home treatment you'll be ready to face the world and your date with a renewed sense of beauty and all the good feels about your skin.

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