Vogue Editor Marina Rust Keeps Singing Our Praises

Vogue Editor Marina Rust Keeps Singing Our Praises

We are so blessed to have some really wonderful people singing our praises and nobody has been more wonderful to us then Vogue Editor Marina Rust.  We are  pleased that she found our skincare products at Zitomer's in New York City and has developed a love for our products.  

Here's what she just said about us in December of 2020;

I actually adore ALL of @earthen_skincare products but this peel is their most popular and it’s on sale, 20 percent off till midnight. I was introduced to it by the clerks @zitomerpharmacy, it works for skin of all genders and ages. Use on damp skin after bath or shower, rub gently. A layer of skin will roll off, leaving you radiant. Takes 3 minutes, no down time. 6 packets per box but I usually use only half the packet and use the remainder a week layer.

Marina Rust 

Wow, we're blushing. Thank you for the kind words Marina.

By the way, if you haven't checked out Marina's Instagram we highly encourage you to do so, there are some really beautiful photos on there.

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