Vogue Editor Marina Rust Loves Earthen - Here's Why

Vogue Editor Marina Rust Loves Earthen - Here's Why

What do you do when a trendsetter and influencer walks into one of your partner stores, discovers your product, and then gushes about your product on Instagram?  Of course, you rejoice.

That is what we did when we discovered that Vogue Editor and Instagram influencer Marina Rust discovered InstantPeel on a trip into Zitomer Landmark Pharmacy and Department Store in New York City and has sense posted on Instagram about us a number of times.  How very lucky were we and glad that she enjoyed our products.

We are so grateful to have been able to provide Ms. Rust with the product that she had been longing for to take good care of her glowing skin.  Our gentle exfoliant can be applied with a little steam in the shower and will never leave your skin red or blotchy like so many of the other harsh chemical peels that are on the market today.

Well, we should let Ms. Rust share how she feels about the product;

I’ve used Instant Peel for years, it’s unlike anything else. Super gentle, quick, transformative. I’ve done a screen shot of instructions: use on freshly steamed skin for best results. I don’t work for this company, just a fan since discovering the products @zitomerpharmacy and now use the whole line, nothing else.


We might be blushing... 

When you are lucky enough to have someone who has been all over the world and used all different skincare treatments sing your praises like that you can't thank them enough.

One of the things we pride ourselves on is InstantPeel's quickness, ease of use, and gentleness on your skin.  We're so thrilled that Ms. Rust has also noticed these functions of our #1 seller.  

We're sending a HUGE thank you to Ms. Rust for her genuine support and we are so glad she has loved our product line.  We know you will too.  

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