Vogue Magazine's Marina Rust Recommends InstantPeel

Vogue Magazine's Marina Rust Recommends InstantPeel

What do you do if you're a world renowned author and contributing editor to Vogue Magazine for a quarter of a century and you come across a new skincare product that you absolutely love?  If you're Marina Rust, you recommend it to your followers on Instagram.

Here's what @Marinarust had to say to her followers on Instagram about her experience with InstantPeel:

I can’t help sharing skin care tips, here’s what’s gotten me through lockdown. Instant Peel by Earthen is carried @zitomerpharmacy... I only use 1/3 of each individual packet at a time and only about once every 2 weeks so 1 box can last a while. Important: use on well steamed skin after a hot bath or sauna. Dead skin rolls off gently, appropriate for all skin types. @earthen_skincare

Marina, we can't help blushing over your glowing recommendation. Thank you for spreading the word about our exfoliant which we designed to be an alternative to harsh chemical peels that often leave skin red and blotchy. 

Of course we must return the favor by recommending that you follow @Marinarust.

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