Want A Sunless Tan? Exfoliate!

Want A Sunless Tan? Exfoliate!

We all know the sun's rays are harmful to our skin. Whether presenting risks of harmful things like skin cancer or less harmful like accelerated aging, there is one major tip to help you get skin that looks like a soft, even, sun-kissed glow.


Using a self-tanner isn’t always the most natural look and it's certainly not an easy task. Here are five reasons why exfoliating will give you your best glow.

  1. Improved circulation that stimulates collagen.
  2. Even-textured skin that is free from dry patches.
  3. Exfoliating helps other skin care products absorb into the skin by removing the dead skin barrier. 
  4. Brightens skin tone.
  5. Keeps your pores from clogging and acne and blemishes at bay. 

Before you even think about getting that bottle of self tanner, grab some of Earthen Skincare's InstantPeel™ and massage onto your face. In just a few minutes you will have 

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