Warmer Weather Is Coming, Here's How To Prepare Your Skin

Warmer Weather Is Coming, Here's How To Prepare Your Skin

Your season long struggle to keep your skin just the way you like it and feeling youthful and refreshed is coming to an end.  Thankfully the cold air that has flooded much of the United States is starting to subside in favor of warmer temperatures and a season for good skin.

The spring is a great time for renewal for you, the Earth, and your skin.  With new flowers budding through the ground, a renewed sense of freshness in your everyday has emerged.  You have come out of hibernation to a world filled with sunshine and warmth and now you need to bring your skincare routine with you as well.

The transition season of spring is one where you can ease into new adjustments to your skincare routine so you don't have to jump from the cold, parched skin of the winter to the harsh sun beating down on your skin in the summer months.  In fact, the spring is the perfect time to get that renewal feeling on your skin as well and start to feel "new" again.

Throughout the course of the next few months the first and most important thing to do is to strip away the old, dead skin that you may have developed over the winter months.  Cold, harsh temperatures and strong winds will cause real damage to your skin and if you don't take care of wiping those elements away it could mean long term difficulty for renewing your skin.  For this, you'll want to start with InstantPeel and using it once a month for the next three months.  The good news is that it is easy to use and gentle on your skin.  Just simply apply it after a good steam in the shower and watch the wonder of your old, dead skin, turn into a refreshed, healthy looking youthful layer of skin.

After you spend some time exfoliating your skin you will want to make sure it is properly moisturized.  You may have already been using the correct moisturizer for the winter, but will likely want to reduce the number of times you use this treatment for the next few months.  You will still want to apply a moisturizer a couple of times a week, but during the spring it is not necessary to apply it daily.  Once summer comes along, you will want to return to using it daily, more on that at a later date.

We love the spring as a time to reconnect with the Earth and discover the rebirth that comes with spring renewal.  It is also the perfect time to rediscover the youthful glow of your skin that may have been stuck under a ski mask or caught in a winter wind storm.  Let your skin breath and you'll feel like a new person.

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