What Makes Earthen Skincare An Artisanal Skincare Line?

What Makes Earthen Skincare An Artisanal Skincare Line?

Major skincare brands stamp out hundreds of thousands of bottles of their tried and true formula in a factory half way around the world.  Some of these skincare products work and some of them don't, but whether they work or not, do you know where they are coming from?  Do you know who has blended the ingredients?

Earthen Skincare is proud to be an artisanal skincare line.  

What makes an artisanal skincare line?  In short, it is a company that makes small, hand-crafted batches of the product.  It isn't unusual for artisanal skincare brands to be crafted in ones own home or in a small office by hand.

When you sit down to place an order from us it goes directly to our artisan Mike Tabiri.  Your order, quite literally, goes into Mike's email and he gets to work on it.  Mike has set out to create products that are hand crafted with the ultimate care to provide you with a unique skincare experience.

After many years of research and testing Mike has discovered the perfect formula to take your skincare routine to the next level. Through this research he discovered that the best ingredients are those that produce the best results.  This is another cornerstone of an artisanal skincare line.

With the right ingredients in place, when your order comes through, Mike spends time crafting your products in small batches so you can be confident that you know where they come from and that there was care taken to prevent you from having any surprises when you use our skincare products on your body.


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