What Mom Craves Most On Mother's Day

What Mom Craves Most On Mother's Day

What Mom craves most on Mother’s Day is to be remembered. Sounds corny, but it’s true. 

In fact, the idea for the modern holiday took root in 1876 when one Mom dreamt that a mother would be celebrated “for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life.” Indeed, following the woman’s death in 1908, her wish was granted by her daughter who had an enormous delivery of white carnations sent to the church in celebration of her Mom. From there, the day of remembrance was born, and Moms began to get their wish. 

Your Mom or simply motherhood - a history-based gift idea

What’s interesting about the history of Mother’s Day is that the woman’s original wish wasn’t actually that she would be celebrated for all of her hard work and dedication. Her thought was that she wanted mothers to get together to support other Moms who were struggling or in need. Our modern celebration was her daughter’s interpretation of the comment, as well as an attempt on the daughter's part to recognize the role of women in what was very much a world dominated by male achievement. 

In any event, the day was born from the same noble ideas that drive today’s Moms: giving to others, working hard, celebrating those you love. This year, when you think about what to give Mom, consider donating to a charity that supports other mothers in their quest to provide a nurturing caring home for their children. Or better yet, make a day of it by volunteering with your Mom: You can tell her how grateful you are, and she’ll see your giving spirit as a reflection of the work she’s done.

Or, modernize your Mother’s Day celebration

Of course, that’s simply a way to lean on history and grab hold of the day’s spirit. In today’s world, we are lucky to have a wide range of ways to celebrate Mom. Each offers the same sentiment - remembering Mom and all she does for us. If you’re struggling to find a gift that says “I remember and appreciate all you do,” consider:

  • Springtime Jewelry. There’s no reason to spend a fortune this time of year. Many local gift shops will ship fun and funky earrings or necklaces straight to Mom’s door. It’s a perfect way to shop local and kickstart the spring season. 
  • Revitalizing skincare routine. Help Mom look and feel years younger by sharing the secrets of healthy vibrant skin. It’s probably been years since she’s taken the time needed for self care. With an amazing skincare collection, she can tackle tired eyes and her dry complexion so that she feels her best for many years to come. 
  • Digital services. Is Mom a reader? Sign her up for a book club subscription. Perhaps she hasn’t yet taken advantage of streaming movies? Help her get started. 
  • Family-focused trinkets. From blankets with everyone’s name on them to framed photographs of the family, there are thousands of gift possibilities that can be personalized to remind Mom of all the people who love her. 
  • Time to herself. This is a perfect option for busy Moms. Pack up the kids and take off for a day. Leave behind some soothing treats like a refreshing exfoliant and bath salts, a new book and her favorite beverage. 
  • Monthly subscription. There are tons of subscription services on the market these days - from clothing and food, to wine and activities. Sign Mom up for a year. It’s a great gift because she’ll be reminded of how much you care every single month. 

Just like your Mom is unique, there are thousands of unique gift ideas out there for Mother’s Day. Each one of them will be exactly right, because in the end, what Mom wants most is simply to be remembered and recognized for the hard work and dedication that she puts into making your life healthy and fulfilling.

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