What Should I Do If My Skin Gets Damaged?

What Should I Do If My Skin Gets Damaged?

The critical work of finding the right skincare routine that works for you and then implementing it will go a long way in keeping your skin protected from damage over time.  However, not all damage can be prevented and when damage does occur it can be taxing both physically and mentally as you try to navigate the world with skin damage that is visible and may leave you open to ridicule and judgement.

Your first step to make sure you don't experience skin damage is to implement a good, high quality skincare routine that will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful.  You will want to include a daily facial cleanser, a moisturizer and an anti-wrinkle serum, among other products that could help keep your skin healthy for an extended period of time.  If you are adhering to your skincare routine, the likelihood of your skin becoming damaged may not be eliminated but it most certainly will be decreased.

Even if you have taken every step that you can to make sure you are protecting your skin and preparing it to be healthy and youthful looking, skin damage does occur and when it does you are going to need to be prepared for what to do next.  The longer you wait to address the skin damage the more damaged it may become and there may come a point where it is irreversible and you can no longer take any action that will improve your appearance.  

If you are just starting to notice the skin damage and you are taking fast, immediate steps to address it, you are doing the right thing.  Here are some of the things you can try to help address your skin damage and hopefully reduce it greatly or eliminate it all together.

Step #1: Often skin damage comes from the sun and if that is the case with your skin damage you will want to take the important first step of keeping your skin protected from the sun.  Depending on your sensitivity level you may consider wearing long sleeve pants and shirts as well as a hat regularly when you head out into the sun.

Step #2: If you are experiencing a condition known as hyperpigmentation that was caused by the sun you can utilize a lightening agent to return your skin to it's natural pigmentation.

Step #3: Topical retinoids.  If you're battling wrinkles, fine lines and age spots as a result of skin damage you might want to use one of these over-the-counter remedies that can encourage cell turnover and collagen production.  If your skin damage is significant you may need to get a topical retinoid that is prescription strength.

Step #4: Seek out medical professionals.  If your skin damage goes beyond the help of traditional over-the-counter medications you may need to seek medical attention.  This is an extreme step, but one that you should take if everything you have tried hasn't worked and your still battling the damage.  Seek the advice of a dermatologist who can walk you through the next steps of recovering from this skin damage.

For someone who loves being out in the sun and enjoying the spring and summer months it can be challenging to face skin damage, but the good news is the vast majority of this damage can be treated and in many cases it can be reversed.  You should also know that taking proactive steps to prevent skin damage is your best defense against having to repair your skin in the first place.

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