What To Eat At Thanksgiving To Keep Your Skin Healthy

What To Eat At Thanksgiving To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Your Thanksgiving dinner table might look a little empty this year, but you hopefully you'll still be able to enjoy a tasty meal with friends and family, even if it is over Zoom.

For me, I'll be joining my family via Zoom for an evening dinner.  We're all cooking our own thing, which makes eating what I need to keep myself healthy easier.  It is unfortunate I will not be able to be with my family in person, but there is a very small silver lining.

What am I preparing to keep my skin healthy?

  1. Turkey - believe it or not, the essential food for Thanksgiving is really good for your skin.  Turkey contains Zinc which is essential in the process of collagen production.
  2. Cranberries - whole cranberries are the best, far and away better then sugary cranberry sauce, and they are really great for your skin with a whole host of vitamin C and anti-inflamatory phytonutrients.
  3. Sweet potatoes - I love sweet potatoes and believe it or not they provide me with 200% of my daily needed vitamin A!  This is great news for my skin and my taste buds.
  4. Spinach - I will be starting my meal with the one and only super food spinach.  The list of nutrients that spinach provides is unparalleled by most foods not only is it good for my physical health, but it is also great for my skin health.

There are a couple of things that are traditionally on the table for Thanksgiving dinner that I will leave off this year and the first of those is gravy.  Gravy is greasy and it can cause breakouts.  I will not be having gravy this year.

If I can have the above on my table this Thanksgiving it will feel like a traditional turkey day while also salvaging my skin.  I'll miss my family, but I know I'll enjoy my meal.


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