Why Dad Will Enjoy The Essential Collection

Why Dad Will Enjoy The Essential Collection

What is the first thing you think of when you think of your dad?  Confidant? Protector? Superhero?  Maybe it's not any of these things and you just get a feeling of love and respect for the man who raised you.  

The first thing that comes to your mind most certainly will not be, skincare products, but maybe it should be.  Your dad has spent a lifetime coaching you through the challenging ups and downs of day to day life which can be a tiring endeavor.  He embraced the challenge, but doesn't he deserve a little pampering too?

The good news is that we have an easy way for you to show dad how much you care and appreciate his longstanding guidance and love over the years.  Your dad deserves the very best and you can show him how much you care, with the very best.  The Earthen SkinCare Collection is all of our signature skincare products wrapped up in a nice tidy bow.  It will leave your dad feeling youthful in no time.

Dad's can be hard people to buy gifts for because they already have so much.  There are only so many ties, golf gadgets, and grill accessories you can buy.  The Earthen SkinCare Collection will be the gift that keeps on giving and not only makes him feel good but look great as well.  

Whether your dad is the rugged type or the sensitive type, this collection of skincare products will leave him with the skin that he always wanted, but never knew he could have.  This will be a Father's Day gift he remembers forever.

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