Why Frequent Stops At The Ice Cream Stand May Be Bad For Your Skin

Why Frequent Stops At The Ice Cream Stand May Be Bad For Your Skin

When the summer heat scorches you there is nothing more refreshing then stopping at your local ice cream shop for a scoop of your favorite flavor.  Whether you're a chocolate or vanilla lover or even a more complex flavor combo, nothing says summer like cooling down with a cone of your favorite.

An occasional trip to the ice cream shop may not be too damaging for your skin, but if you're becoming a regular, you might like to know what all that dairy and sugar are doing to your skin.

Let's start with the sugar.  Refined sugar, most often found in ice cream, is extremely bad for your skin.  Skincare experts recommend that you limit your intake of this type of sugar to about 1 tablespoon a day.  A typical scoop of plain vanilla ice cream will have 14 grams of sugar in it.  That amounts to about 12 tablespoons of refined sugar.  This will put you well over the recommended amount of daily sugar.

Next you will want to look at the dairy content of your ice cream.  There have been multiple studies that have linked dairy to increased acne.  However, these studies have not shown a cause and effect between the two and therefore scientists are not ready to draw a direct causal line between dairy and acne.  It won't do serious damage to your skin, but anything in heavy amounts can be problematic.

We would never suggest that you should stop visiting your local ice cream shop during the summer months.  There is something about a visit to those shops that will make you feel like a kid again and that is good for your overall stress levels and happiness.  So, there is upside to eating an ice cream cone from time to time.

With all foods that are high in refined sugar it is important to have them in moderation and be mindful of how much sugar you are putting in your body at all times.

A good skincare routine can help alleviate some of the possible negative side effects of eating a big dose of ice cream during the summer, but you may just want to moderate how much you are having to insure that your skin doesn't need to be rescued too often due to your obsession with Rocky Road.

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