Why It Matters That Earthen Skincare Is Produced In Small Batches

Why It Matters That Earthen Skincare Is Produced In Small Batches

When you're walking through the aisles at a big box store and the shelves are lined with box after box of skincare products, do you ever wonder, where are these made?  Who is mixing the ingredients?  What ingredients are in there?

If you've ever wondered, you're not alone.  Big box stores sell major label skincare products that are made all over the world in huge batches by an unknown person and in all likelihood, a machine.

That is not how we do things here at Earthen Skincare.  We make our skincare products in small batches as they are ordered and then are hand packaged and delivered.

Our founder and artisan, Mike Tabiri, works with his assistant to hand mix small batches of each of our products.  The difference is in the details.

When your order arrives at your door you can be certain that Mike, who formulated all of these products, was directly responsible for making sure the ingredients were mixed properly and that you're getting a world class product every time.

With Earthen Skincare products there is no more wondering where the products were made, who or what mixed the ingredients, and how the packaging was created.  It's all done in our artisan's workshop where he makes small batches regularly.  

Mike is prepared to work on your order next.  Don't hesitate because your product will be the next one mixed.

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