Why Mom Needs Self-Care Now More Than Ever

Why Mom Needs Self-Care Now More Than Ever

These times are sure unique.  Whether you're at home with your family or alone longing to be with them, now more then ever connection and family are incredibly important.  

Not only is it important to connect with others, but also with yourself.  One person in your family who often puts their needs aside for the greater good is your mom.   Of all the people in your family she is likely the person who puts her wants/needs/desires off so that others can realize their ambitions.  Why?  Because that's what mothers do.  

Now that there is time and some calm in the house, it is important to recognize the loving sacrifices that your mother has made for you over your life and give her the gift of SELF care.  There are so many ways you can give her this gift.  

  1. Give her space.  There is nothing more freeing and good for the soul then some time to be by herself.  A moment of meditation, a chapter of a good book, or even virtual yoga will all do the trick.  The key here is let her be still in the way she desires.
  2. Show her affection.  A little extra love goes a long way to someone's personal well-being.  If you are with her, give her a hug for no reason at all.  If you are at a distant, send her a note, just because.  
  3. Treat her to a spa day.  There may not be any way for her to be able to get to a true spa, but you can deliver the spa to her with the Earthen Skincare Collection.  Now through Mother's Day it's even easier to give her this gift of self care, if you use code: MOMCOLLECTION at checkout you'll get 20% off this incredible set.
  4. Help her connect with nature.  Self care should always include a natural connection.  Give her a map to a local trail or set her up with a blanket and a picnic in her backyard.  Nature is calling, help her answer the call.
  5. Be still.  A hectic household can really destroy any hope of self care.  Allow yourself to be still and she will be still as well.  

Self-care is one of the most important gifts you can give to your mom so that she can do what she wants to rejuvenate her mind, body, and soul.  She will thank you for it over and over again, especially during this particularly trying time we're all going through together.

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