Why Self Care Week Is Important, But So Is Self Care For The Year

Why Self Care Week Is Important, But So Is Self Care For The Year

We're on our last day of Self Care Week and think it is important to note that while setting aside a week to take care of yourself is incredibly important, we know that it is equally important to maintain a self car ritual throughout the entire year.  When you are spending your days taking care of others and neglecting yourself you will wear down over time and the results will not be what you desire.

How can you take some of the things we went over during Self Care Week and turn them into the elements of your life that fulfill you and make you a complete person?

Step #1: Get into a routine.  This is the hardest, but most important step.  If you are not in a routine you will not stick with your self care that you are trying so desperately to maintain.  A routine can be setup however you would like it to be, but it should include the elements of your self care that are most important to you.  Whether it is a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even minute by minute routine without some repetition your self care will fall flat throughout the year.  

Step #2: Make time.  Time is such an important thing to keep tabs on as it is in short supply each and everyday.  Between work and family engagements, you are already stretched thin.  If you don't specifically make time for your self you will not be successful with turning your Self Care Week into a Self Care Year.  

Step #3: Be realistic.  If you are planning out what you will be doing and how you will be doing your self care routine, make sure it is something that you can actually stick to without too much stress.  You don't want stress to take over your self care because if it does you're hurting your chances of being successful.

Step #4: Don't let perfection be the enemy of the good.  Whatever you have on your list of things to do for your self care, if you miss one thing on a particular day don't let it throw you off your routine.  You will not be perfect in following your routine, it is almost impossible to be, but if you do your best and become successful at staying with your routine the vast majority of the time you will be in good shape all year long.

We love Self Care Week because it reminds us that one of the most important things we can do for our happiness is to take care of our mind, body, and soul.  It is also fleeting and it must be followed by putting the lessons learned into practice for the full year of self care.  If you follow these steps you will get there and you will be feeling great about yourself all year long.


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