Why The Cool Autumn Air Is Good For Your Skin

Why The Cool Autumn Air Is Good For Your Skin

The summer's last fleeting moments have slipped by us and now we are gearing up for a fall and winter of cooler and more temperate weather.  This may not be good for your tan, but it is very good news for your skin.  During the summer months your skincare routine probably included a lot of defensive strategies to battle the damage that the hot summer sun brought to your skin.  The fall months and cooler weather means less battles and more recovery.

While fall and winter present their own challenges to keeping your skin healthy and clear, the cool weather that sweeps in with the changing seasons is not one of them.  In fact, cool air can be a positive for your skin.  Spending time outside and soaking in the cool temperatures can have positive impacts on your skin.  Here's why.

  1. Clearer pores:  The cool air that sweeps across your skin acts as a tonic that clears out your pores and keeps them less visible and refined.
  2. Improved circulation:  As the temperatures cool you may begin to see better circulation which is great for reducing swelling.
  3. A better night's sleep: Who doesn't sleep better at night when the cool weather has taken hold?  A good night's sleep is one of the best things you can do to get your skin healthy and healing.
  4. Cleaner air: The air in the fall and winter is not full of as many toxins and ozone as the air in the summer months.  When the air is cleaner your skin will benefit dramatically.

There are those people who bemoan the coming winter months, but there are positives to this time of year, especially for your skin.  If you already have a good skincare routine the weather elements of the fall and winter months will benefit you even more.

This fall, spend more time outside enjoying the beauty around you and then notice that your skin will be better for it.


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