Why You Should Use Tapping As A Tool For Better Eye Cream Application

Why You Should Use Tapping As A Tool For Better Eye Cream Application

If you've ever watched videos or seen photos of someone applying the perfect eye cream, you've undoubtedly seen them employing a technique known as "tapping."  Have you thought to yourself, why are they applying it like that instead of just rubbing it in?

Believe it or not, there is a reason that "tapping" when applying your eye cream is done instead of massaging it in to your skin like you might do in other locations on your face.

"Tapping" is a technique used to stimulate circulation in and around that are of your skin.  Stimulating circulation in that area of your skin will allow the eye cream to be better absorbed and get the blood flowing to an area that is usually lacking circulation which will increase the impact of the eye cream you're applying.

The proper way to apply your eye cream is to utilize pea sized dots from left to right under your skin and then with a tapping motion spreading it across the entire underside of your eye.  When applying your eye cream in this way you'll need to be very gentle.  The tapping motion should not be firm it should be a light touch that will leave the sensitive skin around your eye safe from irritation.

Once you've applied the perfect eye cream utilizing this important technique you will find that your most sensitive skin will bounce back to life and the dark circles and puffiness around your eyes will begin to disappear.


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