Why Your Neck Should Be A Part Of Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

Why Your Neck Should Be A Part Of Your Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

We won't name any names here, but some of our favorite celebrities are pretty good and masking the aging of their skin.  Have you ever asked Alexa how old your favorite actor was only to be shocked by the answer.  I can hear you saying right now, "there's no way he's THAT old."

The magic of Hollywood sometimes extends to the personal lives of these aging celebrities who sometimes seem as if they are defying Father Time and are growing younger by the day.  In all likelihood these anti-aging celebrities have made an investment in their skincare routine that is paying off.

Want to know the one trick to tell how old your favorite celebrity is?  Take a peak at their neck.  No seriously, next time you see one of your favs on The Tonight Show take a peak at their neck and you'll notice something interesting, wrinkles like you've never seen before.

Why is the neck such a defining feature to help tell how old a celebrity is?  The neck is often forgotten when one applies their favorite skincare products, but the aging process still sneaks up on them and there's your instant tell on how old they are.  Of course it's not just celebrities you can use this trick on, it's people you see out everyday.  If you know they take special care with their skin and then notice uncharacteristic wrinkles on their neck, you know they forgot one critical place to apply their otherwise flawless skincare routine.

Now here's the real important thing...don't make that same mistake.  Treat the skin on your neck just as you would your face and include it in your regimen everyday.  When you pay attention to all of your skin, it will pay off with younger more vibrant looking skin and you'll be glowing like that certain someone whose movie you just saw.  What is her name again?


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