Will Halloween Candy Really Affect Your Skin?

Will Halloween Candy Really Affect Your Skin?

The day is almost upon us, but truthfully if you're a candy nut (like I am) Halloween starts in August these days when the candy corn and little candy pumpkins begin to adorn the store shelves with sweet and sticky Halloween candy goodness.  There is no doubt Halloween candy is tasty, but the true question is does it have damaging affects on your skin?  

While we would like to say that it depends on which Halloween candy you like the best, the truth is, it doesn't much matter.  The culprit in Halloween candy is sugar and almost all candy in general is loaded with sugar.  

According to a study done and published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology sugary foods like spike your blood sugar levels can lead to acne on your skin.  Significant amounts of acne can lead to redness or worse, scarring, that can stick with you for your whole life.

So, are we saying you can't eat Halloween candy?

NO.  We are certainly not saying that.  The good news is that there is a way for you to stave off the sudden spike in your blood sugar levels that result from eating Halloween candy.  When you eat a few pieces of Halloween candy, eat it with a handful of nuts.  The fibrous content of the nuts will slow down digestion and will keep the candy from hitting your blood stream all at one time.  This will limit the spike in your blood sugar and reduce your chance of getting acne from this increased sugar levels.

While many believe that fatty and oily foods are the biggest culprits in causing acne, studies have shown that in fact, it is sugar that can be a bigger culprit of this type of skin damage.

Of course one other thing you can do to stave off acne is to make sure you have a quality skincare routine that includes our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser to insure that you are keeping your skin free of toxins, dirt, and makeup that can cause serious issues in the long run.    

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