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Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes

Eye Cream for Puffy Eyes

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Your eyes are beautiful, so let the world see them. Reduce the appearance of eye puffiness with Clear #2 with EyelissTM, Earthen’s advanced formula anti-wrinkle eye cream. The active ingredients in Clear #2 Eye Cream are scientifically proven to diminish the look of puffiness for fresher, younger-looking skin around the eyes.

Forget all the stories you’ve been told about puffy eyes. The truth is that puffy eyes are caused by a lack of fluid circulation in the skin around the eyes. Clear #2 Eye Cream contains two clinically tested ingredients:

  • EyelissTM — A complex peptide of Palmitol Tetrapeptide-7 and Die Peptide-2 is known to improve lymphatic circulation and detoxify skin to reduce the appearance of eye.
  • MatrixylTM — The anti-wrinkle eye cream component with Pentapeptide-3 helps to minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.s

Clear Eye #2 Eye Cream can be used day or night, and won’t smear makeup.

The time has come to open your eyes to a cream that truly helps reduce the look of eye puffiness. It’s time you tried Earthen’s Clear #2 with EyelissTM