It's Not Too Early To Get Started On Your Holiday Shopping

It's Not Too Early To Get Started On Your Holiday Shopping

If you're not quite ready to hum "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year" yet, we understand.  We haven't even gone door to door for our annual dose of yummy tricks and treats.  We understand.  BUT, this year it is important that the dull tune of holiday classic begin a little sooner then usual.  

There have been no shortage of news stories bemoaning the supply chain issues that the United States and the rest of the world are having in getting goods and services to consumers in time for the holiday season.  While we here at Earthen Skincare are lucky enough to be a small batch, artisan brand that does not heavily rely on the global supply chain to make and ship our products, we do rely on the postal service and so we are encouraging you to think about the skincare gifts you will be sending out a little earlier this year.

If you're going to heed our advice and get to your holiday shopping a few weeks ahead of when you otherwise would normally start shopping let us give you a glimpse at some of our wonderful products that are available now.

Let's start with our most popular product and the one that started it all for us and that is InstantPeel Exfoliant.  It's gentle and will leave your skin feeling refreshed and youthful.  It's the perfect gift for someone who needs to dip their toe into the skincare routine world.  

For the person on your gift giving list that needs something to use daily or bi-daily our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser is the perfect gift.  Applied once in the morning and once in the evening it will keep your face clean all day long and will make sure residue from makeup and sweat from the day do not damage your skin while you sleep.

When you have someone on your list who is concerned about their skin aging the perfect gift will be our Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum.  It goes on smooth and works to sculpt away wrinkles from your skin.

This list of items will get your started on your holiday shopping list.  Make sure you check your list twice and find all those that have been NICE to shop for sooner then later this year.  If you order now, we will have you covered in time for sugar plums to dance in your head.


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