3 Steps To Exfoliate Your Face On National No Beard Day

3 Steps To Exfoliate Your Face On National No Beard Day

Who knew there was such a thing as National No Beard Day, but sure enough it exists and we're celebrating by making sure that your cleanly shaven face is exfoliated and you're taking full advantage of that exposed skin.

Exfoliating your face requires some attention to detail that you might not otherwise pay when you're not concerning yourself with younger looking skin, but the extra attention and effort will be well worth it when you're getting compliments on just how young you look.

Before the steps you need to take to exfoliate your skin, you should know that part of National No Beard Day is sharing a photo of your freshly shaven and exfoliated skin online.  We'd love for you to share a snap of the new look you on our Instagram or Facebook pages.

On to the steps you need to take to exfoliate your face:

Step 1: Get the closest and cleanest shave you can possible achieve.  If you use an electric razor you might want to consider using a straight blade to make sure you get as close as possible.  The closer the shave, the more likely you'll be to see maximum results from your skincare routine.

Step 2: A close shave deserves a great finish and that's why the best anti-wrinkle cream is the next step in getting younger, healthier looking skin.   Apply this serum after a close shave and you'll feel soothed and ready for the next step in a process that will help you discover your youth.

Step 3: Hop in the shower with our InstantPeel Exfoliant.  This face peel will leave even the roughest faces feeling smooth and ready for the day and a younger look.  

Are you ready to share your younger looking self on National No Beard Day?  

This skincare routine is one that you should practice everyday, not just on a holiday dedicated to a clean shave.  If you can get yourself regularly taking care of your skin you'll look and feel younger and the compliments will start flowing in.

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