Earthen’s Travel Trio Is Your Ultimate Holiday Travel Companion

Earthen’s Travel Trio Is Your Ultimate Holiday Travel Companion

The holidays are a busy time of year.  Between hosting family and friends to traveling to visit your far off loved ones, stress can creep in and cause you to fumble your skincare routine.  That is until now.  

When you're traveling for the holidays you need to be able to have some semblance of normalcy and a feeling of home.  What better way to do this then to have your trusted skincare routine with you at all times.  Now with the Earthen Travel Trio you can do just that and take up very limited space in your luggage.  

The Travel Trio is the perfect way to take your home routine on the road without cluttering your bags.  Just drop the three elements of the travel trio into your bag and off you go with the perfect skincare routine fit for the long travel days ahead.

The Travel Trio includes the following:

Vegan Daily Facial Wash (3 oz.)

Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum

Face Moisturizer for Normal and Dry Skin

Whether you're traveling by plane, train, or automobile, you'll have the perfect travel companions.  The best part of it all is that they fit so tidy into your carry on or even in your purse if you're on the road.

Traveling around the holidays can either be one of the most joyful and rewarding experiences of your year or it can be stressful and grating on your nerves and your body.  Carrying along the Travel Trio will allow you to freshen your skin and keep that healthy glow while maintaining a refreshed outlook on your travels so you can get the most of your visits with family and friends.

Before you get too deep into your holiday travel, make sure you stock up on the Travel Trio so you can ride or fly in style without the worry of drab looking skin when you arrive.


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