Give Your College Student The Gift Of Great Skin Before They Head Back To School

Give Your College Student The Gift Of Great Skin Before They Head Back To School

Students are gearing up to head back to school and there's a lot that needs to be prepped.  Books need to be purchased, new bedding for their dorm room, refrigerators need to be stocked, but don't forget the one thing that will send them back feeling refreshed, a perfect skincare routine.

Skincare is not often the first thing you think about when preparing your student to head off to college, but it's one thing that will help them make a great first impression.  Imagine your son or daughter showing up to their first day of college with skin that looks dreary and damaged.  It won't help with their first impression.  Now imagine them showing up to their first day with fresh and clean looking skin.  First impression, mastered!

How can you help them get there?  It's simple.  The Super Skincare Power Trio is the perfect way for your student to ward off signs of that all-nighter and the stress that comes with the first year of college.

This incredible three pack of skincare products will bring new life to your student's face when they've burned the midnight oil on last minute edits to their first term paper or spent the watched the sunrise with their new BFF who is talking them through difficult life choices.

The following is included in the Super Skincare Power Trio:

  1. The Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser
  2. Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum
  3. Face Moisturizer for Normal or Dry Skin

The perfect skincare routine may not feel like a traditional gift to give your student who is heading back to school, but when he/she shows up and wows the rest of the freshman class, he/she will be picking up the phone and calling you just a little more often (we can't guarantee this.)


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