Having Multiple Masks Will Help You Avoid Maskne

Having Multiple Masks Will Help You Avoid Maskne

One of the newest skincare issues that many of us have been facing since the start of the Coronavirus pandemic is "maskne."  We detailed why you get "maskne" here, but now we want to talk about how you can prevent it BEFORE it starts.

One of the best things you can do is make sure you have multiple masks to wear throughout the week.  Masks are a necessary evil during this time to protect your physical well-being.  That does not mean that you have to sacrifice the hard work you've done to achieve glowing skin just to protect your physical health.

How many masks are enough?

This answer will be different depending on what you're schedule is like throughout the week.  If you are still working from home and only going out for essential business like grocery shopping you may be able to get away with having two or three masks that you rotate in and out.  However, if you are going into the office each and everyday you will want a mask for every day, in fact you may want to have two masks for each day so you can change it mid-day.  

What if you're a teacher?  Teachers who are heading back to school this fall will be faced with hot classrooms and will be required to talk with a mask on for a large portion of the day.  This type of work may require that you change your mask multiple times throughout the day.  When your students have a mask break, it may be time for you to change your mask.  You may want between three and five masks per day.  It may seem like it's overkill, but when you're goal is to stay safe AND maintain healthy skin you will get the best results with multiple mask changes throughout the day.

How often should you was your masks?

No matter how many you have you should really be washing your masks in between each use if possible.  Washing in between each use should be easy to do when you are prepared with the right amount of masks for your day to day life.

Avoiding maskne can be tricky, but with the right precautions and taking action steps to prevent it you will be able to maintain that healthy glowing skin without much trouble through the end of this summer and into the fall months.


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