Holiday Traveling with Our Ultimate Trio

Holiday Traveling with Our Ultimate Trio

Traveling during the holiday season can undoubtedly cause stress, and it can show on your skin. But, it doesn't have to! Earthen's line of skincare products is everything you need this season to keep your skin feeling and looking fresh. Our ultimate trio is what you need to pack for your travels. 

  1. Start with our Vegan Facial Cleanser in the morning, and end with a cleanse before bed. Our cleanser is perfect for travel and removed dead skin cells, dirt, oil, and make-up without drying out our skin. Perfect for all skin types!
  2. Earthen's #1 selling product: InstantPeel™! An alternative to those who don't want to use harsh chemicals and dermabrasion. Not to mention, it was also recently featured on Byrdie!
  3. Younger, healthier, glowing skin. Anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum Repair & Lift will keep you refreshed and looking your best during your travels. It's perfectly sized and like magic in a bottle

Whether you are traveling internationally, domestically, or a good old-fashioned car trip, the Ultimate Trio from Earthen will keep your skin and body feeling fresh and with a holiday glow. 

 by @jennydiscovers

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