Keep Those Irish Eyes Smiling For St. Patrick’s Day

Keep Those Irish Eyes Smiling For St. Patrick’s Day

It's almost St. Patrick's Day and one of our favorite Irish sayings is "Irish eyes are smiling," but for many of us smiling eyes can be hard to come by.  With dark circles under the eyes or puffy eyes it's very hard to keep up appearences that you're smiling through your eyes.

That was until now.

There is a really simple way to keep your eyes smiling and that is with a specialized eye cream just for your particular needs.

There are two options in our line-up of skincare products that will do just the trick for you no matter what your issue is.  First, if you have dark circles, never fear, the Clear #1 Eye Cream is here.  With the specially formulated moisturizers, this eye cream works just like magic by changing the surface reflection of your skin and leaving you with a more vibrant and radiant look.

If puffy eyes are an issue for you, Clear #2 Eye Cream might be just right for you.   This eye cream was formulated to improve circulation around your eye area and stimulate collagen production which reduces wrinkles.  

Both eye creams are applied in the same way.  Just use a pea size amount of the cream and tap it onto your skin.  Let the skin around your eye absorb the healing formula and then apply your makeup, it's just that simple.

One added benefit to our eye creams is they can travel with you.  If you're off to visit relatives or on a business trip you can keep at your skincare routine with very little space taken up in your cosmetic bag.  


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