Love Is In The Air With This Skincare Trio

Love Is In The Air With This Skincare Trio

February is the month of love and I don't know about you but I've been floating around the house humming my favorite love songs.  With a chill in the air there is nothing better then the warmth of a good love song during this month.

Everywhere you look, love is all around us.  From hearts in our windows to candy hearts from friends afar, who would want to escape this wonderful time of the year.  Now, we have good news that you can take this feeling of love that starts in the month of February and extend it throughout the year by giving your loved one our Sweatheart Trio.

Self care is one of the best gifts you can give your loved one to help them love themselves as much as you love them.  Here's what they will get in the trio you gift to them on Valentine's Day.

Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum
Hydrate your skin during one of the coldest and driest months of the year and year round with this anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum.

Face Moisturizer for Normal and Dry Skin
Normal and dry skin need a partner during the winter months and this moisturizer is just that.

Vegan Daily Facial Wash (3 oz.)
Twice a day and you'll keep the impurities away with this gentle face wash.

Conveniently delivered in a free gift box, the Valentine's Day Sweetheart Trio is the perfect way to say I love you.  Chocolates are nice and roses are sweet too, but the Sweetheart Trio is the only true way to tell your sweetheart, I love you.



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