Make Your List And Check It Twice For The Skincare Lovers In Your Life

Make Your List And Check It Twice For The Skincare Lovers In Your Life

You know the "big man" has his own list that he checks twice this time of year, but of course I have my own too and I am certainly checking it twice to make sure I haven't forgotten anyone.

Each year I make a list that I keep with me starting in August in case I come across something that someone would like and then I snatch it up.  This year, because many people on my list need a lift, I am looking at these names and trying to figure out who among them would like to freshen up their skincare routine.

For me, a good skincare routine can make all the difference in the world in my mood and my behavior.  If I have fallen off of my routine I am less likely to be in a good mood and certainly won't be in the holiday spirit.  If I am sticking to it, I feel fresh faced and ready to tackle whatever life has to throw at me.

We're all hoping for a wonderful 2021 and what better way to ensure that it starts off on a positive note then spreading the skincare love with the people on your list who would enjoy it the most.  That's why I am rechecking my list this year because there are people on my list that I may not have gotten skincare for in the past, but that might just love the rejuvenating feeling that comes from refreshing their skincare routine and starting the new year off on a good foot.

You likely won't want to get everyone the same thing of course, so why not venture out to get the right thing for the right person.  For someone who is likely new to the world of skincare might I suggest InstantPeel which is a gentle way to get into skincare that will have a noticeable impact right away.  

For those on your list who already have a good skincare routine, but may be looking to add something new to it, I would suggest Clear #1 or Clear #2.  These eye treatments are perfect for those who looking to expand their skincare routine to be more targeted and make an impact in one very specific area of their face.  This is for the more advanced skincare user.

So how about you?  Have you checked your list twice this year?  You have friends and family who may just need the pick me up of a great skincare routine and they will be thanking you every time you Zoom in 2021.

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