Start Your Garden Inside Now For A Fruitful Harvest

Start Your Garden Inside Now For A Fruitful Harvest

The cold weather is melting away and warm sunshine is streaming across window sills all over the country.  Now is the perfect time to start those little seedlings growing so your summer can be filled with fresh fruits and veggies from your garden.

It's no secret that fresh fruits and veggies are great for your skin and are the perfect way to take your skincare routine to the next level.  Even better then just eating fresh fruits and vegetables are fresh fruits and vegetables that you started as seedlings and harvest from your own garden.

While you may be wondering how you can get your garden started now as frosts still haven't passed and temperatures in the evening will doom your seedlings before they even start growing, there's a very simple thing, start your garden inside.  Yes, inside.  No matter how much room you have, you can find a perfect spot to start your seedlings and get them going before you plant them in the garden in mid-Spring to get them ready for a growing season that lasts all summer and into the fall.

Here are three steps you can take now to get your indoor garden going;

1. Find the perfect spot in your home.  Where do you get the most light?  Is there a stable place to put your pantings so they can grow uninterrupted?

2. Plan out your garden.  What seeds need to be started now and which seeds can wait until the official start of the growing season?  Do you want a BIG harvest of fruits or vegetables?  Understanding what you're trying to achieve when full planting begins will help you prepare the best possible indoor garden.

3. Plant seeds in bio-degradable containers so that instead of transplanting them you can simply put them in a whole inside their containers and let them continue to grow undisturbed.  Disturbing plants, especially young seedlings, can affect their health when put into the ground.

Of course once planted you will need to water the seedlings regularly and keep an eye on them as they grow to make any changes like rotating them so they all get the same amount of sun, for instance.

If you have an indoor garden in March and April, your outdoor garden will give you a perfect harvest in late summer and early fall and give you that glowing skin you've been looking to achieve when you eat healthy, fresh from your garden, all summer long. 



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