Summer Road Trip? Don't Forget Your Travel Skincare Routine

Summer Road Trip? Don't Forget Your Travel Skincare Routine

There were a lot of things that we ended up missing over the last 14 months.  One of the things that we are so looking forward to this summer is a good old fashioned road trip.

We've loaded up on playlists for the ride and filled up a cooler of refreshing drinks.  We've got our map planned out and checked the tire pressure for our car and now the fun begins.

When you're planning your road trip you're going to want to find a great place to visit and bring your best buds along for the ride.   You're also going to want to make sure you don't forget to pack the essentials.  If you're anything like us the essentials include a travel sized skincare routine.

Especially when you're traveling in the summer sun you're going to want to make sure your skin is taken care of and you're not weighing your luggage down too much so you can arrive at your destination, unpack, and get right into your daily routine.  You'll be glowing as you make your first appearance after hitting the road.

The Travel Trio from Earthen Skincare gives you all the essentials you need when on the road.  The perfect vegan daily facial wash which will help you wash away the dustiness of a backroad ride.  A must-have anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum to keep your skin well hydrated after days with the sunroof open.  An easy to travel with face moisturizer for normal and dry skin.  

There is nothing more enjoyable then a road trip with your favorite people, your favorite tunes on the radio, and a great destination ahead of you.  Just don't leave your skincare routine in the dust or you'll come home looking like you weren't on vacation, but you were run over by a car.  

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