The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving Year Round

The Holiday Gift That Keeps On Giving Year Round

This holiday season, after all of the shopping is done and the presents are wrapped, you'll be sipping hot cocoa by the fire and hoping that the person you're giving the gifts to will be surprised and absolutely love them.  

As you sit with anxious anticipation watching them open the perfectly wrapped package, you lean in to hear their reaction and then...they exclaim with glee that you got the gift just right.  Their face is warm with joy and then they realize you've given them something that not only will excite them on this day when they open it, but on everyday for the next year.  You made the right choice.

What is this magical gift that keeps giving year round?

You've given your loved one the gift of moisture and anti-wrinkle goodness.  The package is stuffed with Earthen skincare products that will keep their skin looking youthful all year round.

The Earthen Skincare Collection comes with the following essentials to make sure your loved one is feeling their best all year round:

When you're giving the gift of radiant younger-looking skin you're giving a gift that will last all year round and will leave your loved one wondering just how they can top you in the gift giving department next year.  (Spoiler alert: they can't.)


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