The Perfect Girls Night In With Your Bridesmaids

The Perfect Girls Night In With Your Bridesmaids

They have been there for you through the good times and the bad.  You've laughed together, you've cried together, you've triumphed together.  They were the first people to meet your fiance.  They are the last ones to leave when you have a get together.  They will be there for you once again on your special day.

Your bridesmaids mean the world to you.  

How do you repay them for all those times that they have been there for you?  One small way is by hosing a girls night for them leading up to your wedding.  

More memories will be made with a girls night in when you load up on yummy food, the perfect glass of wine, and spa treatments like no other.  Make sure you keep your camera handy because you'll want photos of this wonderful evening.

The beauty of this plan to show your girls a wonderful evening IN is that the planning is minimal.  We've already secured the Earthen Skincare Collection for you so you don't have to go hunting for the perfect spa treatments.  Just grab the complete set and you're ready for an evening of laughs and stunning skin.  

The Collection include:

Not only will your bridesmaids be glowing for your big day, you'll all get one final chance as single ladies to enjoy each other.  

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