The Sweetheart Trio: Sweetheart Not Included

The Sweetheart Trio: Sweetheart Not Included

As the holiday that people love to love and love to hate approaches, we've got the perfect trio of skincare products to show your sweetheart she is loved.  Valentine's Day is nearing and we want to make sure that your special someone has all of the best items in their self care repertoire.  

Enter the Sweetheart Trio, our brand new set of perfect skincare products that will leave your special someone saying ooooh and ahhhhh.  Your sweetheart will love:

Vegan Daily Facial Wash (3 oz.)
Use in the morning and evening to cleanse away impurities to keep your skin clean and healthy!

Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum
Finish off with our moisturizing serum to keep your skin hydrated and boost collagen for younger-looking skin!

Face Moisturizer for Normal and Dry Skin
Our advanced performance cream specially designed for normal to dry skin

An added bonus for you is that this gift is also shipped with a free gift box which means it's the perfect all in one gift for your sweetheart.

So whether you love to hate Valentine's Day or you are swooning all the way up until February 14th, this is the perfect gift for any special someone in your life.  You could even buy it for yourself and give yourself the gift of self love for this sweet holiday treat.


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