The Ultimate Bridal Skincare Routine

The Ultimate Bridal Skincare Routine

When you are preparing for that most magical of days.  After you've found the perfect dress and the ideal location.  You're ready to marry the person you will call your spouse for the rest of your life.  

While you're working on making sure the cake is going to be perfect, your DJ will play all the right songs and your hairstylist will get it just right, don't forget the one thing that can throw off your perfect day, your skin.  

On your wedding day there is nothing worse then having everything just right, only to have drab, parched looking skin.  Don't skip your skincare routine, especially leading up to and on your big day.

Here at Earthen Skincare we hope you will make us a part of your special day with the ultimate bridal skincare routine.  It's easy to do and will make your perfect pictures even more picture perfect.

Starting a week before you big day, you'll want to use our InstantPeel Exfoliant.  This alternative to harsh chemical peels will leave your skin feeling fresh and youthful without leaving any marks which would be the downfall of any photos.  Just use this simple method in the shower and feel the dead skin peel away to reveal the perfect layer of youthful looking skin.

Leading up to your big day you'll want to use our three-in-one Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Serum.  This specialized serum will moisturize your skin, leaving it just right for the big day, while also returning elasticity and firmness to your skin for the youthful looking you're longing for.

Finally, you won't want to forget about the skin around your eyes.  With many sleepless nights likely leading up to your big day, you'll want to eliminate the dark circles that have formed under your eyes.  Using the Clear #1 Eye Cream to remove and fade these dark circles under your eyes will help make your eyes stand out in the memories that will last a lifetime.

Whether your wedding is big or small, indoors or outdoors, the most important thing you can do is make sure you are 100% ready for this most special day.  There are many things you need to do, and you must make sure that your skincare routine is one thing that doesn't get forgotten.

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