Today Is National Men's Grooming Day - Let's Celebrate

Today Is National Men's Grooming Day - Let's Celebrate

There are two types of men in the world.  One type of man has never heard of National Men's Grooming Day.  The other type has been celebrating National Men's Grooming Day since it's inception in 2007.  

Generalizations aside, today is National Men's Grooming Day which gives us an opportunity to spread the skincare routine love to the men.  It is important for men to have a skincare routine just like it is important for women to do so too. 

While men's skin can be completely different then women's skin there are some similarities in the routines that work well.  It is still important that men keep their skin moisturized because parched skin can make a man's face look older and less healthy if it is not moisturized properly.  A good quality daily moisturizer is essential for men to maintain healthy looking skin.

For men, shaving can present a unique skincare issue.  Whether you need to shave daily or bi-weekly or anything in between, shaving your face can do some damage.  The good news is that that damage can be minimized by using our Repair and Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum.  Applying this treatment after you've rinsed you've shaved and rinsed your face will help keep your skin moisturized and youthful looking.

National Men's Grooming Day is a perfect time to get your skincare routine in order to help you look younger and healthier.  Your skin is a big part of your overall health and taking a few minutes to really look at what you're doing and how it is helping your skin will be an effective way to keep yourself looking healthy for months to come.



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