What Is An Indie Beauty Brand?

What Is An Indie Beauty Brand?

Here at Earthen Skincare we pride ourselves on being an "Indie Beauty Brand" but what does that actually mean.  There are some clues in the phrase itself of course, but being an Indie Beauty Brand goes beyond being independent and selling beauty products, in fact there are many more ways to identify with this title.

There are five main components to look for to determine whether your favorite skincare brand would fall into the category of Indie Beauty Brand.

1.) Independent: It's in the name of course, so this makes sense, but what makes a brand truly independent?  To be truly independent the founder of the company, should still be the owner of the company and should be involved in the day to day operations of the business.

2.) Passion:  The founder should be the person who brings the passion to the product.  Our founder, Mike Tabiri, has a very special, personal connection to these products and it is one that shines through in everything that he does.

3.) Unconventional: An Indie Beauty Brand should be bringing something to the marketplace that either doesn't already exist or does exist, but they do it better.  Whether it's our InstantPeel Exfoliant that prevents redness and irritation or our three in one Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Cream, each thing Earthen does is truly unconventional.  

4.) Challenging The Big Brands: Being truly independent means that you are standing shoulder to shoulder with the big brands and competing for the business that they have always taken for granted.  If you're bootstrapping your way to the top, that's the beauty of indie.

5.) Complete Control: An Indie Beauty Brand is in full control of all of their products, from the formulation, to the packaging, to the marketing and sales.  

Earthen Skincare is proud to be a Indie Beauty Brand and bring you skincare products that stand on their own without the hands of corporate giants in the mix.  We are proud and passionate that our products compete at the highest levels of beauty and bring a passion that is unparalleled in the skincare business.


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