Why It Matters That Your Skincare Is Fragrance Free

Why It Matters That Your Skincare Is Fragrance Free

There is something breathtaking about opening a beautiful package, unscrewing the cap, and breathing in a beautiful scented cream or face wash.  Adding fragrances to skincare products is a tried and true method for skincare companies to draw you in and get you intoxicated from their products.

We don't do that.

The vast majority of our skincare line is fragrance free and it's not because we don't like beautiful smells.  You see, adding fragrance whether natural or unnatural can cause your skin to become sensitized.  This effect on your skin can make you think that you just have sensitive skin, but in reality it is the effect of the added fragrance that may be causing your symptoms.

Sensitized skin can present very similarly to sensitive skin, but there is a difference.  Sensitized skin will present with redness, blotchiness, burning, itching, and even, in some cases, swelling.  From these symptoms you may chalk it up to having sensitive skin and move on.  These symptoms should give you pause though and wonder about the cause of the dehydrated and blotchy skin.

The reaction that fragrances can often have with your skin will reduce the effectiveness of a skincare product.  A product that is designed to hydrate your skin, such as our moisturizing line, should do just that, and ours does.  However, companies that add in fragrance to a particular product are in essence reversing the moisturizing impact of the skincare product.

It is important to use a fragrance free skincare line like Earthen Skincare.  Here is a list of all the products we offer that are fragrance free.  

  1. Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser
  2. Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizing Serum
  3. Face Moisturizer
  4. Under Eye Creams

If you're using a different skincare line that is not fragrance free and you're experiencing symptoms of sensitized skin, we recommend you make the switch and use a fragrance free product to ensure that your skin is getting the care it so desperately needs.

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