The Earthen Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

The Earthen Skincare Holiday Gift Guide

Give the gift of confidence and glowing, radiant skin with Earthen Skincare products. We've compiled the ultimate gift guide for the people in your life for one-stop shopping. 

Vegan Facial Cleanser: The teenagers in your life (or the young at heart) will rejoice when they open this. Created with all skin types in mind, this facial cleanser will remove the dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from your face and neck. 

InstantPeel™: You mom and/or mother-in-law will thank you! InstantPeel™ is the perfect at-home treatment to bring out your most radiant self. The enzymes gently work to peel away dead skin cells revealing your glowing skin beneath. 

Repair & Lift: The perfect after shave serum for the men in your life! Repair & Lift is formulated to boost collagen and elastin to enhance moisture and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The women in your life would love this too!

Peptide Moisturizer: Specially formulated for those with oily skin the Peptide Moisturizer may be just he pick-me-up your boss or the teacher in your life needs! Scientifically combined ingredients work to improve the look of aging by improving the hydration and moisture. 

CelluMoist Moisturizer: For the person always on the go, Earthen's CelluMoist Moisturizer that packs a major punch in your skincare routine. With anti-wrinkle, skin firming, and moisturizing qualities, this is one little tub you simply cannot go without!

Clear #1 Eye Cream: Do you have a jet-setting friend who you have trouble keeping track of what time zone they are in? Clear #1 Eye Cream is the perfect gift for him/her! Looking rested and refreshed is right around the corner with this dark circle eye cream that changes the reflection of your skin to reduce the appearance of darkness.

Clear #2 Eye Cream: Puffy eyes will be a thing of the past for the night owl in your life! Fresh skin awaits with this specially formulated eye cream that reduces the look of puffiness and better yet, it won't smear make-up!

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