The Easiest Skincare Routine For When You Travel

The Easiest Skincare Routine For When You Travel

The United States has officially reopened its borders to vaccinated travelers and moving about the country and the world has become easier for those who have been vaccinated.  This is good news for all who desire to visit family and friends whom they have been missing for almost two years.  

While excitement is building about the ability go get on a plane there are still some travel restrictions that were in place before the pandemic that remain in place and could limit your ability to travel with your full compliment of your skincare routine.  That is why we have put together this list of items you could include easily that would allow you to travel without compromising perfect skin.

First you will want to bring a cleanser with you and we have just the thing.  Our vegan daily facial cleanser is the perfect travel size and it will help you each and everyday during your travels rinse away the sleep from the night before and the dirt and sweat of the day at night.

Along with a good facial cleanser you will also need the perfect moisturizer for your type of skin.  Thankfully if you're traveling our moisturizers come in the perfect size to pack in your luggage for your trip.  Whether you have normal and dry skin (Cellumoist) or oily skin (Peptide) you will be able to bring it along for your travels.

The final addition to your suitcase should be our Repair & Lift Anti-Wrinkle Serum which will give you the perfect look for a dinner party with family or a night out with old friends.  

Traveling is a welcome return for many of us who have been dying to get out of our own bubble and back to some sense of normalcy.  What a relief we can now do that AND we don't need to leave our skincare routine behind.  

If you're headed out on a plane this holiday season or any other time in the next few months don't forget to bring along your perfect outfit and a wonderful skincare routine that will keep your skin youthful and feeling free.

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